Yoga And Animal Welfare - The True Path To Peace And Harmony.

Yoga, Path To Peace And Harmony.

The twenty-first century is the age of technological advancement. But the other thing is, it definitely hasn't been a period of harmony with oneself or with other species on earth. Both are intricately connected.

We can find true peace within ourselves only if we are compassionate, empathetic towards other species. Ahimsa or nonviolence is an integral concept of yoga. The ability to love all and not harm any species is the true path to yoga and self-realization.

Yoga is just not about physical fitness. We follow a specific diet to improve physical fitness; the same rule applies to improve our mental health. Yoga diet includes organic food grown in harmony with nature. 

A short note on the history of yoga will tell us how yoga and animal welfare is connected. Patanjali is considered to be the father of yoga. Many do not know that Lord Dattatreya is the guru of Patanjali. 

Lord Dattatreya left home at an early age to roam the forests, and lived on a simple diet. One of his charming traits is that he loved all animals. He was always found in the company of four dogs and a cow.

Yoga, Path To Peace And Harmony

In these distressing times we find that we are accelerating extinction of plant and animal species. Violence against any living being harms the sacred unity and balance. We come across various species of animals and birds. 

We have our obligations towards them. When this is felt, our every act becomes harmonious. We have to give equal importance to the feeling aspect of our mind as we have for the intellectual one.

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